Men's Clergy Shirt RSASM-120 (Deacon Monogram)

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Men's Clergy Shirt RSASM-120 (Deacon Monogram)

The same great quality and value of our clergy shirts, the SM-120 is monogrammed with a Deacon Cross over the left front pocket. Tailored in classic easy care gray broadcloth, featuring short sleeves, a generous cut, concealed 7 button closure, and center back pleat. Includes reusable collar tab insert.





Chest: With arms relaxed, measure around the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and across shoulder blades. The tape should be snug but not tight. Keep tape parallel to the floor.

Height: Fasten a measuring chart or tape to the wall and stand straight against the wall chart, with "Sunday" shoes on and heels against the wall. The back of the head should touch the chart. Have someone place a ruler on top of your head, parallel to the floor. Your total height in shoes should be used as your height measurement.

Sleeve: If you know your exact shirt sleeve length, use this size. To measure, bend elbow and measure from center of back at base of neck, over the shoulder, and around the elbow to the wrist bone, with lower arm parallel to the floor.

Band Cinctures: Band cinctures are usually worn over a cassock which is worn over street clothing, including pants and a belt, making it very important to add extra inches beyond a normal belt size. Measure around the stomach where the cincture will be worn, over street clothing. Add 4" to this measurement. Use this total measurement to determine your band cincture size.